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The world of crypto is rife with scams.

Cryptocurrencies, nfts, pay-to-win products, etc. get a bad rep for a good reason. They reflect the worst parts of the indiscriminate consumer, hypebeast, and hustlegrind American archetypes. They are highly speculative and immaterial, like stock options and venture capital. They take a grim toll from humanity: they harm our environment.

Blockchains also have utility. They decentralize currency and power. They cut out middlemen. They’re open source and benefit from concise contract structure. They’re verifiable and serve as public transaction records.

And, of course, they help us reach out directly to you.

Mind the sharks and the whales. didn’t start as a joke, but we’ve embraced it. We want you to laugh. The mints are cheap and the 'art' is hand-drawn. We are a first-of-a-kind project with a mission that we’re proud of. Our stuff is homegrown.

Gas fees incurred through our contract’s transactions & deployment will be monitored and paid forward in donations to the U.S. National Park Service. It’s a small token of appreciation to the century-old preservation project that helped us fall in love with nature. Get your ass outside.

I own no nfts but my own.

Our team is, the phattest, and tom.

Our short-term goal is startup capital, to buy time. Our mid-term goal is a public-private partnership focused on sustainable energy generation and storage. We’re new on the scene, but we’re scrappy engineers unconvinced that our efforts are futile.

And there’s room in our crew.

Our ambitions don’t end with the sale of a product. Open enrollment is year-round.

There is a way to help the planet while bringing financial support to the folks around us, and we’re going to fuckin’ find it.

~ manifesto ~

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