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Welcome to ass.com. This homebrewed and iconoclastic effort is an art and development project; it's a pretentious celebration of the shitpost - the canvas of choice for a generation of artists forgotten and the inspired to come. Like many things worth making a fool of oneself in service of, ass.com begins with frank messaging and the support of friends, family, and strangers with bad similar taste.

People frequently ask: why ass? first of all, *everyone* appreciates good ass. Secondly, it's easy to remember and makes people smile. the third reason is ideological:

some people don't want kids because they fear an uninhabitable planet

Even the bumblebees, salmon, and puffins know the world won't save itself. Addressing the climate crisis is a turn-on; helping earth will help some folks get ass, simple as that.

If you'll have us, ass.com will host a handful of spectacles to raise awareness and money for our mission. The goal of our 2021 "assmail" stunt is to build a team to tackle a regional sustainable energy problem. To finance this endeavor, we're using the ethereum blockchain. Cryptocurrencies burn fuel because most energy is generated by burning fuel. In this liminal period, these digital financial instruments can serve us by funding projects to expand energy security. Renewable infrastructure moves us closer to the day humankind computes for free.

Undeniably, rent's expensive as fuck, and bright-eyed grant writing doesn't exactly pay the bills. If you want to hear more about our mission/vision, stay tuned, visit the insta, or hit us up.

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