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The world doesn't need another porn site; there are plenty. is a curated collection of 2000's digital artworks from which modern memes and posting practices derive. It's a pretentious celebration of the shitpost - the canvas of choice for a generation of artists forgotten and the inspired to come. It's also a bootstrapped museum, delivered to anyone with internet access, free of charge, signup unsolicited.

On the backend (heh), is an unconventional effort to divert eyes and minds towards renewable energy generation. Aside from a moral imperative, sustainable energy is one of the few levers humanity can pull to mitigate further climate change. The folks here draw inspiration from wind turbines against blue skies and freshwater spray over dam sluice gates. There's a wholesome center to this ostensibly stupid project; is a brussel sprout wrapped in bacon. is an art project


Our world lacks for sustainable energy companies.

There’s no shortage of companies ‘dedicated to sustainability,’ however. It’s a platitude now: bag bans and walking to work won’t save your grandkids, which you’re statistically unlikely to have if you’re reading this. Drinking from a green cup with a leaf on it doesn’t mean you’re good for the fuckin’ planet. I drink from one, and it makes me sick.

The blockchain won’t stop sea levels from rising; programming 'eco' into a coin’s metadata doesn’t keep drought season from growing. Buying a coin with 'safe' in its name doesn’t decrease the risk of investing in it. Cryptocurrencies burn fuel because most energy is generated by burning fuel. In this liminal period, these digital financial instruments can serve us by funding projects to expand regional energy security. Renewable infrastructure moves us closer to the day humankind computes for free. is a development project

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